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3rd Dec, 2009

I wrote some Kradam you guise!


Okay, okay, it's not the best thing I've ever done but I quite like it! The queenbitchfest gave me the chance to try something I hadn't before so that was a nice wee challenge. I havent written i what, two years? So um, aaaaah!flaillyhands.

P.S: I now have a Kradam tag - YAY.


Fic rec.



The warnings list was the deciding factor in reading this - 'Warnings: Graphic boy-sexing, d/s, use of toys, mild spanking, mild breathplay, orgasm denial, facials, bondage, collaring, Ryan's filthy mouth.' ;)


Waaaay, Ryho.


I can't decide.


1) Watch a film off the tellybox service.
2) Read fic.
3) Continue with A-Laz/Ryho sex.
4) Write about the kinky uses of scarves.
5) Go to sleep.

Hmm, choices, choices.

P.S; THE MOTHERFUCKING KILLERS ON FRIDAY. It's been 2 years. I will be dead happy. And pissed.



Jason Mraz's video for 'I'm Yours' just came on the tellybox at the exact same moment I read a sentence about him apparently being bisexual. Creepy things are happening tonight. And omg, who the fuck was that creepy paedo on AIM?! :|

I have AIM btw. I've set it so only Bubby List folk can talk but can you receive and accept friend requests if you're private? i'm assuming so but I have no idea about this wee thing!

brionny152 - but like, tell me you're going to add me so I don't have a terrified freakout at my laptop screen.


As a journalist in training,

I really should have done some more research... I've just discovered Edinburgh's QM University only gained university status in 2007, therefore in my eyes making it like the West Of Scotland University and "not a proper university."

Sounds snobby, but I don't want to go anywhere that used to be a college. Old colleges generally aren't anywhere near the standard of a good, old-fashioned uni. Golden oldies ftw!

I only need to hear back from Strathclyde and if they take me, I'm sorted! I don't want to go to Glasgow Uni and Stirling's my second choice. I've had an offer from both of them but Stirling I need to ask them about second year and doing Journalism instead of Film & Media like I applied for. I TOTALLY CANNOT MAKE UP MY MIND ABOUT WHAT I WANT TO DO IN LIFE. :|

The Gaslight Anthem...

Are my new favourite band. Holyfuckin'shit.
I might be going to see the Pet Shop Boys :D


It's a good college week.

Monday; 9-12, afternoon off.
Tuesday; 10.15-11.30, afternoon off.
Wednesday; 9-12, 1-3.30.

Hours usually; 15.75
Hours this week total; 9.75

Working Tuesday night and Wednesday night in addition to Saturday night makes up for that though. Not that I'm bothered, I need the money for various things! I reserved a really nice dress today that I'll pick up on Friday when I get paid. It's £35 which I normally woouldn't spend but whatever, I liked it. YR ARGMNT IZ DED SON. It's turquoise and it's accccce :)

How good is David Cook's album btw?! (He was last year's American Idol winner fyi...) I love it.


"Don't expect this to be the kind of story that goes: and then, and then, and then.

What happens here will have more of that fashion magazine feel, a Vogue or Glamour magazine chaos with page numbers on every second or fifth or third page. Perfume cards falling out, and full-page naked women coming out of nowhere to sell you make-up. Don't look for a contents page, buried magazine-style twenty pages back from the front.

Don't expect to find anything right off. There isn't a real pattern to anything, either. Stories will start and then, three paragraphs later: jump to page whatever. then, jump back."




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